Euro Polymeric shingles

EURO POLYMERIC SHINGLES is a “technical evolution” of shingles, developed to give them higher resistance to UV rays, that means to increase the life of the roof.
EURO POLYMERIC SHINGLES are produced with polymeric bitumen modified with polyolefins, to ensure a better workability of the shingles with cold temperature and a better adherence of the ceramic granules.


  • 8 shapes, many colors to meet any aesthetic need
  • higher resistance to UV rays
  • Long lasting roof
  • Better shingle’s workability with cold temperature
  • Usable on a wide range of slopes
  • A product for any climate, because if fears neither heat nor frost
  • Resistant to weathering
  • No maintenance
  • Walkable roof
  • Light roofing system
  • Convenient packaging and easy to transport and handle
  • No special pieces required
EU.P.S. Master
EU.P.S. Castello
EU.P.S. Chalet
EU.P.S. Versaille
EU.P.S. Mosaik
EU.P.S. Gothik
EU.P.S. Rectangular
EU.P.S. Traditional